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India Visa Service

Visitors to India holding British and Irish passports, travelling for tourism, recreation or visiting family and friends may be eligible to apply for an eTV (Other Nationalities may be eligible - click here)

An eTV is valid for single entry and a maximum stay in India of 30 days (if you are going in and out of India and back in to India on the same trip you will need to apply for a Regular visa). Applications can be made a maximum of 30 and minimum of 4 days prior to arrival in India. You may not travel to India using an eTV more than twice in a calendar year. An eTV is only valid if your arrival into India is one of the following airports

New Delhi - Mumbai - Chennai - Trivandrum - Kolkata - Cochin - Goa
(Other airports are included - click here)

To access full eligibility criteria and apply for the e-Tourist Visa - click here

This is a self service application and the link will take you from the Trailfinders visa site to the official Indian visa application site

Regular Visa for travel to India

If you do not qualify to travel using the India e-Tourist Visa , you will need to apply for a regular visa These are the rules for holders of British passports holders born in the United Kingdom , travelling for tourism, recreation or visiting family and friends A regular visa is valid for multiple entry, the validity of the visa is 6 months from the date of issue (this will determine your maximum stay in India). Applications can be made a maximum of 3 months prior to arrival in India.

We offer an application service for a range of Indian visas

  • Regular tourist visa
  • Visa for other nationalities
  • Business visa
To access the full eligibility criteria and to apply for a regular visa - click here


1. Indian Visa requirements
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months beyond intended journey to India
  • A completed Visa form - completed online
  • Two 50mm x 50mm photos are required. Please ensure they present the full head from top of hair to bottom of chin, and that this distance measures between 25mm and 35mm. If this is not correct your application will be rejected.
    NB These are not standard passport photo dimensions.
  • Any Business Visa applications must also have a letter from a UK company and invitation from India.
  • Passengers who are under 16 years of age applying for an Indian visa, please call us on 020 7368 1504 for further information.
2. Indian Visa Charges
  • Tourist Visa including Outsourcers fee £111.48 per person
  • Business Visa including Outsourcers fee £162.45 per person
  • Trailfinders’ Service Charge £85 (incl VAT) per visa
  • Clients who have booked their travel arrangements to India through Trailfinders can benefit from a discounted rate of £65.00(inc vat) per visa for both Tourist and Business visas.
3. Payment

Please make cheques for total amount payable to ‘Trailfinders Ltd’ and write your address on the back.

4. Processing Time

Upon receipt by Trailfinders of the above documentation and payment the visa is generally issued within 10 working days

5. Validity

Tourist Visas must be used within 6 months of the date of issue. Business Visas are issued for stays of 3 to 6 months at the discretion of the Indian Embassy. These must be used within the period granted from the date of issue.

Go to Indian visa application form & help document

Tips for successful completion of the India visa application form

  1. ALWAYS read our guidelines thoroughly.
  2. ENSURE pop-ups are enabled on your computer – you can do this by going to Tools > Pop up blocker > Turn off pop-up blocker
  3. DO NOT use any punctuation symbols whilst completing the form. If necessary leave a space instead
  4. DO NOT make payment on-line or book an appointment
  5. DON'T forget to sign both pages of the application form
  6. IT IS NECESSARY that all Passports have at least two blank pages.
  7. Non-British passport holders, please call us on 020 7368 1504 for further documents required when submitting applications.