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An empty boardwalk stretches out over a lake with a bright orange sunset reflecting its colours over the water, Bopa, Benin, Africa

West Africa Holidays

Visiting West Africa is nothing if not an adventure! The diversity in culture, language, music, food and landscapes is incredible. From the Francophone streets of Dakar to Togo, to the traditional home of the Voodoo religion, you'll find surprises at every turn.

Things don't always go to plan in this part of the world, so we offer a small selection of guided group tours to ensure you make the most of your time in this lesser visited part of Africa.

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Benin, Togo & Ghana Expedition
Guided Small Group Adventure Tour
11 days / 10 nights

Uncover some of West Africa’s most intriguing destinations on this short enlightening journey through Benin, Togo and Ghana. From Ouidah, Lome and Togoville, where voodoo still forms an important part of everyday life, on to the museums of Accra and pristine shores of Anomabo Beach, You will find the snapshot of these three countries is as humbling as it is relaxing.
Classic Senegal & The Gambia
Guided Small Group Adventure Tour
10 days / 9 nights

Experience what West Africa has to offer on this 10 day journey through Senegal and The Gambia. Blending cultural experiences with important histories and stunning landscapes, learn about daily life in a local Wolof village, immerse yourself in Gambia's important slave history, and get time to relax on sandy beaches in these seldom explored unique destinations.
Western Trans Africa Sahel to the Cape
Guided Small Group Adventure Tour
100 days / 99 nights

Experience the ultimate on this West Africa trip. From the western most part of mainland Africa, through to the southern tip of the continent, travelling overland in between. It is an amazing journey through some of Africa’s least visited countries
Gulf of Guinea to the Cape
Guided Small Group Adventure Tour
85 days / 84 nights

This is a real exploratory journey through an ever changing part of Africa across some amazing places seldom visited. Starting in Ghana through to the southern tip of the continent, crossing through Congo-Brazzaville and the DRC in Central Africa in between.



Ghana may have experienced a dark past but today it's renowned as one of the friendliest and most welcoming countries in Africa. So much so it has earned itself the moniker ‘Africa for Beginners’

The coastline is dotted with glorious beaches and historic castles that are reminders that this coast sat at the centre of the slave trade for hundreds of years, and it's also home to the buzzing capital Accra, one of the fastest growing cities in Africa.

The Gambia

The Gambia may be Africa's smallest country but there is plenty to keep you busy.

The birdwatching is prolific along stretches of the River Gambia so make sure you pack some binoculars. The human history of this tiny nation is also fascinating, visit Kunta Kinteh Island to learn of the tragic events of the slave trade.


The narrow wedge of Benin, sandwiched between Nigeria and Togo, has a dark and tumultuous history but is now slowly emerging into the light.

Intrepid explorers venturing there today will discover a country rich in tradition and culture, palm fringed beaches, lush lagoons and wildlife filled national parks.


Togo may be small by African standards, but there’s more than enough here to reward the curious traveller.

The vibrant capital Lome boasts fascinating markets, buzzing nightlife and palm-fringed beaches on its doorstep.

Heading north away from the beaches – rolling hills of coffee plantations give way to a more mountainous landscape that's home to fascinating fortress-like mud houses.


As the former capital of French West Africa, Senegal has long been a popular spot for French speaking tourists. But the English speaking world hasn't yet woken up to the country's charms so you'll find many of the attractions relatively untouched my tourism.

Learn about the harrowing history of the slave trade at Goree Island , a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today you'll find a tranquil escape from the chaotic streets of Dakar but this island was once a major centre for the slave trade.


Sometimes described as 'Africa in Miniature', Cameroon is linguistically, culturally and scenically one of West Africa's most intriguing countries.

The active will enjoy wandering in the foothills of Mount Cameroon while those looking for relaxation will love the scenic beaches. City life in Yaoundé and Douala is also not to be missed, both cities throb to a distinctive Cameroonian beat and are a fascinating - if chaotic - introduction to life here.


Dust off your French language guide and dive into Guinea, a little-known country in a little-known region.

The Fouta Djallon region is arguably Guinea's most attractive. The rolling green hills provide beautiful views and a relatively cool climate. The infrastructure throughout the country is challenging so while adventure is guaranteed, you'll also need plenty of patience!

Cote d'Ivoire

French-speaking Cote d'Ivoire is perhaps Africa's most surprising destination. Filled with stunning beaches, lush, green highlands and bizarre architecture.

Korhogo is a particular highlight and famed for being a centre for the crafts industry. The capital Yamoussoukro is an incredible place, built by former president Felix Houphouet-Boigny on the site of his ancestral village.


This tiny nation is a former Portuguese colony whose capital is home to crumbling but charming architecture. Much of the appeal of Guinea-Bissau is simply observing local life in such a little-visited nation.

Make sure you try some fresh seafood whilst near the coast!

Sierra Leone

Home to some of Africa's most beautiful beaches, Sierra Leone remains a largely untouched destination.

The Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary has a wonderful array of wildlife, including pygmy hippos, colourful birdlife and 11 species of primate. It's a tropical wonderland and one of West Africa's top destinations.


Nigeria is an African powerhouse and this huge country is a complex patchwork of linguistics, ethnicities and customs.

From the relatively ordered streets of Abuja to the colourful chaos of Lekki Market, Nigeria is certain to offer adventure and surprises. Bring a sense of humour and you'll be rewarded with a hearty welcome in this fascinating country.

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